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vin diesel fast and furious 5

vin diesel fast and furious 5

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Apr 6, 11:00 AM

Can we also expect, ?

-Backlit keys

-Brighter display, colors, and IPS

i wonder if apple could get samsung's PLS display actually. those look better than IPS

I LOL'd. I owned iPad 1 for a year, and while it's nice, it's a FAR, FAR cry from the productivity capabilities of the current gen MBA.

Like it or not, iPad is SEVERELY CRIPPLED for content creation (i.e. real work), but excels at content CONSUMPTION. That's factual and completely undebatable. Everyone knows this.

So, no, it's not "something better". It's a more viable choice for entertainment and consumption. That's it.

don't tell that to the kids who hang out at the ipad forum section.. they'll stone you =)

What is the obsession with back-lit keys?

Do you actually look at the keyboard when you're typing?

well speaking only for myself.. i suck at typing, so having this feature at night helps. and being an owner of 2 MB Pros, i've been spoiled by the backlit keys

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Jun 23, 05:13 PM

I confirmed today that my store will not have any for release day tomorrow, i got the district managers phone number and left a message about wanting my 184 dollar gift card put on my debit card instead due to false advertising that they would be doing Pre-orders instead of reservations which led me to believe that i would get a phone on release day, as a result i am forced to go camp out at the apple store overnight in 91 degree heat in a few hours with my fingers crossed that i get one. All of this could have been avoided if they didn't post on their twitter on June 9th that they were taking part in release day.

Good luck with that one as that is not going to happen. They did not advertise Pre-Orders. They said reserves only. They told no money from you nor did they hold credit card information on file like Apple does.

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Mar 22, 01:04 PM

I agree.

But who in their right minds would want to own something called a Playbook? :o


'lets make a tablet for our business users, to get serious workloads done. we can call it the playbook'.

i didn't know charlie sheen was in charge of their team?

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Mar 26, 03:46 PM

Wouldn't surprise me if Lion and iOS 5 are one and the same... if that's the case, and since Apple really needs to get iOS in the 21st century, I can believe this...

So much hilarity in this comment.

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Mar 26, 12:45 AM

What is it with all the complaining? Lion is a fresh direction for OS X, of course it will be paid. It will probably cost $129, so go ahead and get yourself all cried out now about it. If you think it’s just a minor revision that should be given away for free or $29:

1) Don’t buy it

2) You’re wrong

Full-screen apps along is just…why haven’t we been doing this all along?

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Aug 5, 07:19 PM

Well iSight or no, there needs to be an update anyway. The Mac Pro will have Front Row, and how will you control it by remote if you're meant to keep it under your desk? The new Cinema Displays need an IR "extender".

Besides, I still think Apple WOULD love to include an iSight in their displays.

Yes, but just my opinion, Apple needs to get over this 'Only new computers get FrontRow' crap and provide a USB repeater. ....

To me the answer to the whole IR/Mac Pro/Front Row thing is obvious - put an integrated IR receiver into the keyboard. The keyboard would come with the Mac Pro (unlike the display) and is rarely under the desk. :)

Plus they could sell the keyboard for any Mac (including ones that don't have Front Row - they could include the app with it).



Apr 6, 03:40 AM

I hope that the new FCP will resemble iMovie: No need for rendering and a precision editor! I like the ease of use of iMovie, should be adopted by FCP.

Looking for some controversy are we?!!! :rolleyes:

vin diesel fast and furious 5. flag to FAST amp; FURIOUS 5,

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Apr 12, 05:05 PM

For me personally, as a proud Red One owner, I really hope that the new FCP has native RED support without Log and Transfer and can also utilise our RED Rocket.

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Mar 22, 01:13 PM

This is just a preview of the future, Android based tablets will clean the iPads clock. Apple made the so-called iPad 2 as a 1.5. Low res camera, not enough RAM, and low res screen. It's going to be a verrrry long 2012 for Apple. Sure it's selling like hot cakes now, but when buyers see tablets that they don't have to stand inline for, that have better equipment and are cheaper ... Apples house of cards will come crashing down around them.

The only strength that Apple has is the app ecosystem; which is why they are going after Amazon for spiting on the sidewalk. They know the world of hurt coming their way.

Well, you knew it was only a matter of time before this cat showed up.

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Mattie Num Nums

Apr 19, 03:05 PM

Lol if apple was a religion it would have more extremists than Islam, Judaism, and Christianity combined! :eek:

Pssstt... I think it already is a religion to many.

When someone speaks about "smartphone marketshare" he usually means world wide and not only for Botswana. But nice try. :rolleyes:

You mean when someone says Marketshare they mean that other place outside of the center of the universe America?

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Apr 5, 08:07 PM

As someone who's attended NAB yearly, (and again this year) Apple has not had a presence there since and currently are NOT on the exhibitor list for this years convention. Will take pics if I'm wrong though.

The Supermeet is a meet-up of Final Cut Pro User Groups from across the country that coincides with NAB. It is not a part of NAB itself.


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Aug 26, 09:05 PM

Most credit cards have very good customer assistance departments and will assist you in dealing with uncooperative vendors.

A while back I bought an iBook for my mom directly from Apple, set it up, and just a few days before leaving to deliver it (she lives in Europe) the damn thing died (it would no longer charge). Called AppleCare, went to the Apple store, talked to the "genius" (a real jackass, but that's another story) and essentially they wouldn't give me a refund because it was a "built to order" machine or exchange it for a new computer because I hadn't bought it at the local Apple store (I bought it online though the developer program).

I called Visa, explained the story, they said you have to try to resolve the issue with the vendor first, I described what I had done and how uncooperative Apple had been. They said they'd call Apple themselves; an hour letter I got an apologetic call from Apple and an RMA number. I shipped my computer back to Apple by FedEx at their expense, and got full credit. They even restored my hardware discount :)

So yeah, as another poster said, the squeaky wheel does get the grease...

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Aug 7, 02:06 PM

Looks like a good time to let my PM D1.25Ghz G4 retire... The new MP must be at least 10 times faster. :eek:

Apple store up again. The old PM G5 seem to be gone.

Me too. I've tortured my poor PM dual 867 long enough. Retirement would be good.

... in a nice place where she'd be treated well, of course.

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Jul 29, 11:05 AM

Of course, the problem with waiting until Paris for consumer upgrades like MacBook is that Apple will entirely miss the educational buying season, losing one of the largest markets for its consumer products...

If my memory serves me correctly, new models are hardly ever introduced in time for the educational buying season. Whether this is by design (Apple can probably make the highest profit margins off selling somewhat older products at the same price point) or by chance, I don't know.

There does seem to be a lot of wishful thinking about what Apple "has to do" because of educational buying season, competition with other PC manufacturers, whatever. From the business and engineering point of view, Apple may have very good reasons to delay releases beyond what we think is "reasonable."

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Aug 11, 11:35 AM

Take a look at the Nokia E61. I just got one to replace my BlackBerry and love it. It's the European version and you have to buy it unlocked ($350 or so) but it works great. Cingular is coming out with a dumbed down version called the E62 but strips away some of the cool features like WiFi. Go figure - an American phone with less features than the one sold in the rest of the world.

With crappy phones and our pathetic broadband infrastructure, you'd think we were Third World rather than a "Superpower."

Yeah, but I rather pay ~30% tax than the 50%+ tax in Europe (fed., state, sales etc).

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Apr 5, 07:20 PM

- Major revamp of asset cataloguing system with integrated final cut server, something similiar to what Aperture does with photos. This will be it's biggest feature

- Core image fx with integrated Shake-style fx compositing

and the usual obvious things (64 bit, new formats, updated quicktime, etc..)

I would /kill/ for better asset management. The "Aperture" for video is what I've been needing for a while now...

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Apr 27, 08:46 AM

Not really. Although location services does not delete the log when you turn it off, it does cease to record to it. I don't see what the problem with that is.

And if you beleive that, you are misinformed.

vin diesel fast and furious 5. Fast and Furious 5

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Apr 12, 08:28 AM

I hope not. I want the 5 now :)


Apr 11, 01:23 PM

Analysts can just shove it. Complete BS all over the place. So.. according to them, we're going to have OSX Lion, iOS5, iPhone5, new iPods AND iPad 3... ALL IN THE FALL?! Complete bull. Oh, and throw in macbook pro updates for the later part of the fall, as usual. Just think about that for a second.

Now, let me remember, when was the last time they were wrong.. oh wait, that's right, iPad 2. Last I remember, it was, you won't see it till May/June at the earliest. WRONG. And after analysts vs. bloggers report, it seems bloggers are more right than analysts.

Anyways, after the 1st paragraph I wrote, I have no doubt in my mind that this is impossible. Last time Apple tried something like this, if I recall, it was Mobile Me, iPhone 3G + iOS2. It was a mess. Jobs himself said it was a mistake ( they'll never make again. So, when thinking about everything that is rumored by analysts to be coming out this fall, yeah, don't think so.:rolleyes:

Edit 2: ipad 2 entered production 1 month b4 apple announcing, so no freak'n 3 months as I've heard around rumor sites.

+1... Thank you.


Jun 14, 06:12 PM


No white phone?

Can you verify bibbz?


Mar 22, 01:27 PM

Blackberry playbook = The IPad 2 killer - you heard it here first.

Look at the specs, their greater or equal to the iPad 2 with the exception of battery life.

Yeah sure, a business tablet with a screen too small to type on. Rim's marketing for this thing seems to be all over the place, they say business tablet, but the picture shows Need For Speed?

Out of the 7" tablets the playbook looks the best, but it is still a 7" tablet. Combined with it's wider display the keyboard will be way to small. If they come out with some kind of awesome keyboard accessory then it may stand a chance. BB's success had a lot to do with its comfortable keyboard.

Samsung's new tablets might do well, as long as they do some decent marketing.


Apr 5, 04:51 PM

Now this sounds exciting!


Sep 13, 12:36 PM

How much more 'blind' do you want it? All the programmer has to do at this point is use multiple threads. Even if they don't, multiple cores will be automatically used for system and other processes.

Splitting one thread so that it ran cocurent with itself is a recipie for massive trouble. Mac OS X is about as blind as any system out there for the programmer. There may be some more optimizations that the system could make in it's own handling of multiprocessing, but from a programmer's perspective it doesn't matter how many cores the system has. (Unless you really want it to.)

Programming in pthreads is a bear (at least to me) an easier method would be nice. However, when I was looking up something today I came across OpenMP ( which seems to greatly simply setting up threads and the like. I suppose I was just thinking of run-time parallelization.

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